Problem solved

We offer personal instruction and tech support with:

cell phones




over the phone and in person.

Learn the basics and more

In a small group setting of about 5 people we can assist you with answering any questions in the allotted time. We walk you through a structured step by step course of the basic or intermediate aspects of your technology.

Account management

Request a free assessment.

we can review the basics of your account and recommend solutions to maximize value, fiscal efficiency, and more. All without the headache and uncertainty of going to the store or calling.

The white glove treatment

We offer elite account management for large accounts, business accounts, or the VIP customer that doesn't necessarily have time.

for a business we offer a free analysis on how we can assist your business with any and all service providers and technology types. we will review any possible savings, and recommended changes. in addition facilitation of any actions you would like to take regarding your services. We will help you save time money and energy.

Guaranteed solutions

full service account management you can trust to get things done, whether your in the office or anywhere around the world, if it can be done we will make it happen.

simple to set up and less expensive than having an account manager on payroll

once registered we have multiple options

pay on a transactional basis related to the operations in each interaction

or sign up for our monthly sentinel service.

Next Steps...

contact us to create an appointment, get a free assessment, and receive a free quote.

policy and services

view our portfolio of services to review additional details.