Our philosophy

whats truly missing in all these big advances in technology is the human element. as anyone who's ever called "customer service" or gone to a a tech retailer knows for themselves there is little humanity in it all.

The fact is most people don't know much about the services or the technology. I've met many brilliant people and 90 percent of them don't have any idea what the deal is regarding the technology or services they use everyday.

I've helped save the average customer time money and energy, anywhere from 20%-50% on a monthly basis and assisted in instructing literally thousands of people on how to use the technology and make it work for them. we can do the same for you or your business.

How I started, and why

I've been in the industry and in business since I was a teenager. At 19 already a district manager with an interest in business, I've always known I wanted to make the most of my skills and help people.

Started my first business at 20 with my own money and the instinct I developed. Things went well for some years. as time went by had ups and some big falls due to identity theft and such but I kept working.

invested time and money in a few endeavors and worked for multiple companies in the industry managing businesses and training teams in sales and technology.

With this experience of over a decade I finally understood that there is a need for help in understanding using and managing this type of technology and services and the best way to do it is to go to the customer. otherwise the corporations have and always will pursue their own interests.

Were here to help, offer the best advice and solutions that are completely in our clients interests. We hope to build a lasting relationship of trust and reliability.

Miguel Cardenas

founder & primary consultant

Owned and managed multiple businesses, multilingual, with 12 years of experience in the industry. Have a passion for information and technology. An avid writer and outdoorsman, passionate about health and nutrition.

Meet the Team

We are able to assist you in multiple languages and our experts all have at least 5 years experience in the industry.

Next Steps...

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