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Tech support
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Instruction in a small group setting
Account guidance and management.
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white-glove treatment, nothing less.

Like your personal assistant of account management and tech support.

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Our purpose

      Smartphones, tablets, computers, and networks, we can't live without them. technology connects us to family, and the rest of the world, from friends to businesses.
      We make it simple with one on one instruction, or in a small group setting. We offer personal tech support, network set up and support, including support with multi-device systems set up.
      Not only that but we also offer account set up and management for personal or business accounts with any and all major service providers.
      With 12 years of direct experience in the industry in sales and management with all major service providers and tech retailers; in addition to owning multiple businesses, and being a part of upper management in the industry; I can provide unique insight. We take advantage of any and all industry trends to maximize value, minimize costs, and make the whole experience easier.
Financial consultant presents bank investments to a young couple

Professional guidance

Reyes consulting create a seamless experience, and save you or your business hours of wasted time and stress.